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Welcome to our showroom!
Pristine Comics Presents


Greetings Fellow Collectors,

 Welcome to the Showroom. I am your host, Darren Adams.

The Showroom is our online gallery, dedicated to the Silver and Bronze Age of Comics. It is our way of paying tribute to the creation of the next era of iconic mainstream characters. The Showroom emphasizes the importance of comics from 1967-1973. During these years, the industry was ushering in such talents as Adams, Steranko, Ploog, Smith & Wrightson.

Everyone loves seeing a truly well kept specimen of a book owned, at one time or another, by most comic book enthusiasts, and then sadly lost! Although many of these works may not be the six-figure mega buck books yet. However, they are equally and unbelievably important pieces of history, making these rare creations tough to find in pristine condition. Scarcity, condition, and collectibility, all in top notch grades, are what constitutes a truly Pristine Comics Showroom piece!

Books in The Showroom collection are rarely seen at conventions or offered at your favorite comic shops. I have discovered finding pristine works, such as these, are most often found in personal collections, and you will need a pry bar and a hammer to break them loose. Collectors rarely part with such coveted books from their collections, understanding their future equity and near impossible odds of replacement.

The Showroom collection is made possible thanks to extensive collaboration with fellow collectors I have had the honor of working with over the past several years, as I capture the most influential superheroes of my childhood.

Darren Adams.