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RARE THE ONLY GRADED BGS SPLENDID GENESIS IN EXISTENCE ! (Signed by Richard Garfield & Monique Thirifay)                                Only 100 copies were produced. We received this copy from the production manager who was allowed to have his pick of the litter right off the press.  According to the production manager, Richard Garfield was standing next to him when he got his pick of the litter !!The cards had just been cut from the sheet and picked on from the middle of the stack.He literally had the entire stack of 100 in his hands and chose what he felt was the nicest card in the pile -- This is the card.  He noted that ALL of them suffer from a rough left hand edge and so he was particular in his choice.Upon his request Richard his copy.  It was with this same pen (metallic ink) that he had the artist Monique Thirifay use to sign her name as well.  According to the census this is the only copy  signed by Monique Thirifay , an elusive and highly regarded signature in the hobby.  This is a very special card created by Richard Garfield celebrating the birth of his first son and THIS is the VERY FIRST Card take from the production line.  The signatures are authenticated by BGS and grade out exceptionally as BGS 9's. An difficult feat to attain on magic card stock when using metallic ink on confined space.  The signature placements are perfect and add to the card rather than detract. Between the Signature Placement and choice of metallic ink, which also complements the Black and White tones of the card, the results speak for themselves and provide a  very rare, exemplary, and special piece of Magic history. This is the 2nd highest graded overall with only a 9.0 that grades  higher! It is the single highest signed and the only card that is signed twice!      


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