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Return policy on graded comics

*we do not accept returns for 3rd party graded comic books as there is no question of grade or authenticity.

Return policy on factory sealed products

We do not accept returns on factory sealed products, such as sports cards or gaming cards.  This includes factory sealed packs, boxes, sets and cases.

If you receive a damaged product and you wish to return it, please email and/or call us immediately -- do not open the product.   

If you open a damaged product, we will not accept the return.  

We only ship factory sealed packs, boxes, sets, and cases, unless clearly stated otherwise.   

All factory sealed boxes come from factory sealed cases.  

We are not responsible for contents of factory sealed products.   

While we love to hear good stories of great pulls, all contents are beyond our control as we are not the manufacturer of these items.  If you have a problem with the contents of any factory sealed item, for any reason, contact the manufacturer of this item.

It is impossible for us to control quality and/or content of factory sealed items.

To insure you the best experience possible:

          We only purchase direct from the manufacturer themselves, or their approved distributors.

          We do not break sports products. 

          Every box we sell comes from a factory sealed case: we do not look for case patterns

          We do not open boxes and stop if a big card has been hit. 

              Rest assured that you have the same chance of pulling "big hits" with us, as you would any distributor or dealer.                

              Every item is professionally wrapped and packed to ensure your items are not damaged during shipping.

Additionally, for your protection, as well as ours, all factory sealed cases, sets, boxes & cases are video taped during shipping to ensure you receive the correct product, and to validate all factory seals.  Your invoice and a close-up of the item(s) being shipped are videotaped from no less than four different hi-definition cameras.  

1)  features a close-up of your invoice and side angles of your factory sealed item(s)  

2)  features a vantage point filming your items being wrapped, packed and taped shut in the package with your address label on it

3)  a stationary wide-angle view of our shipping area that encompasses your items being shipped and placed in our package pick up area where they remain until ups and USPS couriers pick them up and exit our facility.  

4) in addition, all orders are triple checked.  While we strive for perfection, mistakes can happen, and in the rare event they do, we want to be 100% certain, for the protection of all concerned, that it is documented.   If we make an error, we do not want to doubt you.  On the other hand, if a false claim is made, we do not want to be taken advantage of, and if we can help save others from such individuals, this will help.

We absorb this expense with the goal of providing you, our customer, peace-of-mind. We also assist eBay in reducing such fraud, and thus, make it a safer and less costly environment for everyone.


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