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Batman Cast Framed

THE DARK KNIGHT MOVIE POSTER-SIGNEDBY LEDGER AND 8 OTHERS!Signed by Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Anthony Michael Hall, Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan, Ron Dean, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, and one other.When you think about superhero movies in the last 20 years, it is hard to imagine the most influential ones not being two in particular: Marvel's Iron Man, and DC's The Dark Knight. The second part of Chris Nolan's game-changing Batman movie trilogy redefined the most famous supervillain in history: the Joker. Brought to life by the late, incredible Heath Ledger, his stellar performance was revered and adored across the board, elevating superhero movies to a true level of art and respected level of cinema that was never seen before. Ledger was the standout performance in the film; perhaps even, the standout performance from every superhero movie ever made. He tragically passed away before the movie was even released, but what does this mean for the collectibles market? It means this: that when it comes to signed memorabilia, there only exists so many items which would have been available for him to sign; and in this case, a single set of posters that was put in prerelease. And that particular run of posters is exactly the one you see here; an INCREDIBLY RARE OPPORTUNITY!  When all is said and done, and you take into account that this item is not only signed by Ledger, not only officially verified by Beckett, and not only signed by much of the rest of the cast and crew, this item truly reveals itself as a ONE OF A KIND CHANCE  TO OWN A PART OF CINEMATIC HISTORY!


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