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AF #15 - The ONLY known copy signed by Steve Ditko ! In a bit of irony, Steve Ditko. a recluse steadfast against attending comic cons, direct fan interaction and signing comic books, personalized this copy. CGC notes "Hi Charlie, glad you enjoy, Steve Ditko" written on Page 1". Ditko's penmnship is as neat, crisp and clean as it was the day it was signed. Drafted in ball point pen it was then INITIALED & SIGNED ! It is estimated that somewhere between 150-300 Steve Ditko signed comicbooks exist, with none more elusive and covited that this very copy. Over the years Ditko was offered a tidy sum by many numerous dealers to sign books, and he refused them all. It is estimated 150-300 comics ever signed. His avoidencd of comic cons, along with With only one known Ditko signed copy, this one is a doozy, one feels even more fortunate in viewing this personalization. , old school style. you Alongside of Ditko'ss signture As rare and special as this may sound, it gets better. Ditko's Signature is joined by a bold vintage signature of Stan Lee thus transfomring this copy into a Historic piec of Marvel History !!Spiderman's co-creaters, this scarcity of this copy does not end Additionaly, this copy and Stan Lee ! Better yet, this copy represents the only Steve Ditko signed Amazing Fantasy #15 that CGC has ever certified !! Making it even more special, it also contains a vintage Stan Lee signature making this not only the only signed Steve Diko copy, but also making this the by CGC according to CGC, this is the only copy Staeve Ditko In. In fact for one to truly appreicate the scarcity making this copy that much better!! KNOWN AF #15 Steve Ditko signed copy of AF CGC has ever graded !! According to CGC, they have never certified another AF 15 noted as "signed by Steve Ditko by Steve Ditko. CGC would not note the signature on it's lable if they did not believe the signature to be real. or noted as signed by Steve Ditko Signed by Both Stan Lee and Steve DitkoVintage Lee and the ONLY KNOWN COPY in the World signed by by BOTH Creators STEVE DITKO & Stan Lee! Photos were taken of the two autographs by CGC prior to encapsulation. A Ditko signature is a rare thing indeed and what better item to be signed by him than his most famous work of all? It is estimated that between 100 - 250 comics were ever signed by Steve Ditko, with this being the only Known Ditko signed AF #15 in existence. Rumors exist of Steve Ditko turning down as much at $10,000 to sign a single copy of AF 15 as he So much so, that we jumped at the opportunity and paid a $30,000 premium over the current market value of this issue at the time of purchase just to land this issue. Crazy as it sounds, we were prepared to pay $50,000 over market at the time. Just the fact of owning anything AF 15 related than could be considered a legitimate one of a kind is in itself an extremely rare opportunity     Publisher Marvel Condition vgc 5.5 Certification Number 3737796001 Notes Signed Ditko / Lee


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