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         WONDER WOMAN #1 1942 CGC 8.0


It's the 1st issue of
Wonder Womanfrom 1942 !!

Wonder Woman Is Indisputably The Most Popular Super Heroine Of All Time.

This is not your run of the mill copy!

You are looking at the 3rd highest graded copy in existence, with the highest grade residing at merely 9.0.  To say this book is scarce in high grade certainly rings true.     

Not all 8.0's are alike!  Anearly 75 years old, this copy is features qualities and characteristics of a perfectly stored copy! 

For Starters, CGC has give this copy it's highest honor by identifying the Page Quality as WHITE.  This is as high as it gets.


Additionally, Its page colors as well as the Cover are a fresh as the day it was produced.   Check out the color depths of the yellows and reds. 

 " Golden Age Keys are Money in the Bank "  - Wall St Journal

Today's collectors and investors are recognizing the fact that not only are comic books now viewed as cool, but also as a great investment vehicle. Consequently, books such as this present a very rare opportunity indeed, as they seldom see the light of day. When they do, they remain in the grips of the new owner for many years to come thus this copy represents the very definition of the term "BUY & HOLD"!

Do you want more?? A Wonder Woman 9.0 just sold at a top tier auction house for a record breaking price of nearly $300,000 !!

Marvel Comics ruled the Silver Age, but, it is undisputed that DC ruled the Golden Age, as Superman, Batman andWonder Woman comic books are considered DC's "Big Three" of the Golden Age of Comics.

You are looking at Comic History ...  Wonder Woman represents The Very FIRST Female Character in comics to have her own title for over 6 decades, I can go on and on, but we can save this for later !!

Did you know that WW
#1 is scarcer than Batman #1???
97 unrestored Batman #1's exist with 9.2 as the highest   vs

87 unrestored Wonder Woman #1's and 9.0 ranks highest

The ride is just beginning, especially when you factor in all of the media attentionWonder Woman will garnish as the long awaited new Wonder Woman movie closes in on it's theatrical release in 2017 !!
Click Here To see A Preview Of The Hot New Wonder Woman Movie     

Serious inquiries only please.

Publisher DC COMICS
Date Issued: JULY 1942
Condition CGC 8.0
Page Quality:   PERFECT WHITE  PAGES !!
         Vintage books featuring WHITE Pages are a great indicator of the books overall    suppleness, interior integrity and preservation.
Glare marks and red dot is from the scanner and not on the book.  

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