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Seattle Times Seahawks Championship 4 Piece Matted Display Frame



Seattle Times, Feb 3rd, 2014 Newspaper & Press Plate


Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions !


FRONT PAGE, Press Plate and Paper: CHAMPS ! 

SPORTS PAGE Press Plate and Paper: DOMINATION ! 


Museum Quality High End 36' x 57' Frame 

This Piece includes a MATCHING SET OF PLATE #'S !!

Limited to Merely 500 Individually Numbered Plates with ownership registry for insurance purposes.

This is an authentic cast of the METAL PRESS PLATE used to print the Sports PAGE (C-1) AND The Front Page ( A-1) of The Seattle Times Newspaper dated February 3rd ,2014


Production was limited to 500 plates in recognition of Super Bowl XVLIII. This is the Seattle Seahawks first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

On Sunday, February 3, 2014 The Seattle Seahawks made TV history when 111,000,000 viewers witnessed an epic 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos, making Super Bowl XVLIII the highest rated television event ever!

The following Monday the Seattle Times printed over 106,000 thousand newspaper copies proclaiming the Seattle Seahawks 'Super Bowl World Champions'. This publication was in such high demand by the 12th man, that the Seattle Times did something only performed once before in the 114 year history. The Seattle Times authorized a second printing of 35,000 papers documenting this monumental event.

Never before in franchise history has the 12th man been able to own the official printing plates used in the production of this historic second addition. These plates represent not only the victory of the World Champion Seattle Seahawks but also the city from which they hail. There are not many opportunities to own an actual documented piece of such historical significance, that can hung on your walls with 12th man pride.

To save these rare and limited collector items each plate have been sealed with acid-free matting and museum quality framing. Preserving this commodity for the fans in years to come. Each piece is accompanied by a copy of the paper, a certificate of authenticity, and ownership registry for insurance purposes.

Today, seeing a signed item such as a jersey or photo is fairly common. Furthermore, quantities of autographed helmets, jerseys and footballs will continue to hit the market for years to come, every time a particular athlete signs more memorabilia. In addition there is untold amount of Super Bowl XVLIII merchandise being reproduced.

However, only 500 of each printing plate were produced by
The Seattle Times in creating the Monday, February 3rd newspaper edition. All but the Front Page (A-1) & the Front
Sports Page (C-1) were destroyed. Every printing Plate is accounted for. Every one of them will include an Ownership Registration
form and be accompanied by a Hand Signed & Numbered Certificate of Authentication bearing the name of The Seattle Times. Noted on he COA:


Thus restricting availability as these limited edition printing
plates into private collections. This is an opportunity to own something virtually NO-ONE will have! A chance to own an item few people will ever see, much less possess. An appreciation, that can be passed down in your family from generation to generation. One that is truly unique and outside of the box
with documented scarcity.

In honor of the 12 man we have managed keep the price down less than $1200 for framed set of four. A piece of this significance deserves to be housed with respect. Each Frame comes with
acid free matting as well as UV protected non shatter protective glass.

The Framing Alone on this piece would run you AT LEAST $700 + to get framed at any reputable Framing Shop !! Only Due to Volume are we able to introduce this completed unit at such a price, and as they sell we will be increasing the price.

Secure your part of the highest watched show in the History of Television, the most produced edition The Seattle Times, and the parade with over 700,000 in attendance.

This is not simply a piece of memorabilia, but an ACTUAL PIECE of HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE ! Order early to request a specific #. Each piece features a hand signed & numbered COA by the Seattle times staff. (All proofs #'d under 100 are not available).



This piece includes a matching set of Certificate #'s !!

Both COA's come with this set as does the # 2 Registration Certificates




Name Plates are Deeply Lettered in Gold. See scans below.

Frame is very large and difficult to angle so all the name plates are presented clearly.





*There is a 3% surcharge for credit card payments

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