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Pacific Coast Pedigree !!

1st Appearance of the Green Goblin! 


 One of the most Significant Spider-Man issues of all time!


Why does Batman seem to be more popular than Superman ?  Because  of he Villains !!    


For Batman it's Joker - Penguin - Catwoman - Riddler -  Two Face - Mr. Freeze -  No other Superhero or Super-team for that matter has a larger group of charismatic group of Villains. All of this equally applies to Spider-man in the Marvel universe.   With villains such as the Green Goblin - Doc Ock - Vulture - Sandman -  Kingpin -  The Lizard - Venom  it's easy to see why Spider-man remains by far the most popular single character in the Marvel universe.  Period. That's also universally agreed and this book represents the very first meeting between two of Marvel's most popular characters.  Amazing Spider-Man #14. Other 9.6 examples graded by CGC of this important Green Goblin introduction issue,but this one is by far the nicest example.

 It's the Pacific Coast Pedigree !!


This pedigree is known for its super high quality with covers so clean, so new that you can often see through the the cover as the inside adds appear to bleed through the paper.  The gloss appears as though it has actually gotten better with age.  These are the characteristics of the Pacific Coast Pedigree, and this, the only Pacific Coast copy of ASM 14 Cgc 9.6 with perfect white pages is remains a stellar example of a Pacific Coast Copy.   These examples typically bring premiums over all others other than perhaps the mile high, which did not have any books from this era in its collection.   I would say this copy ranks as the 2nd best example in the world, merely a sliver lower than the only 9.8 that exist.  It's spine, edges and alignment are close to flawless. In addition, the importance of Amazing Spider-Man #14 cannot be overstated.  The Green Goblin is Spider-Man's version of the Joker and he is responsible for killing the love of Spider-man's life-Gwen Stacy!! Clearly, the Green Goblin has, is, and always will be, the measuring stick and the gold standard, when it comes to Spider-man's foes.  In The Amazing Spider-man's historic 700 issue run, other than Spidey's first appearance, this is THE BOOK TO OWN! 



Date Issued: JULY 1964
Condition CGC 9.6
Page Quality:   WHITE Pages







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