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ALL STAR COMICS #8 CGC 9.0 1941 Tied for Highest Graded Existing Copy! Restored







Wonder Woman Is Undisputably The Most Famous Superhero Woman Of Them All !!

Today's comic market is all about the female heroes, hence Marvel's line up of new female lead characters. All of the following are now women: Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Thor, etc. While you may disagree with this strategy, it's a marketing appeal that recognizes female interest is at an all time high with comic books, and female characters are all the rage (Harley Quinn anyone?) But let's face it, there is no comparison the very first female blockbuster star who started it all. The very first one have her own television series, and an immensely successful one at that. Wonder Woman, without question, transcended genres in that she, alongside Superman and Batman, represented the "Big Three" during DC's glory years of the Golden Age!!
With a highly anticipated upcoming Silver Screen appearance around the corner, and a movie of her own in the making, it's reasonable foresee the success of Supergirl resulting in a new Wonder Woman TV series, as well. This is an incredible time buy and dealers and invess know this. Look around, every sale sets a new price record AND owners of every copy are hoarding them. The market is completely dried up and there are extremely few copies available.

This book needs no introduction.   It is the 1st app & Origin of Wonder Woman !

Tied for Highest Existing Copy !! Only 2 9.0's Blue Label Copies Exist and Tied With Merely 3 9.0's With Purple Labels.

 This copy was graded in 2004 and resides in it's original old label CGC holder. 

1/6th the price of Action Comics #1.
In Of Scarity:
     Action Comics #1  1st Superman  9.0 Blue label 2 copies exist  
                                                    We sold this copy for $3,207,000  

     Detective #27        1st Batman        9.2 Blue label 1 copy exist     
                                             Aprox Value    $3,000,000 +  
     All Star #8             1st W Woman    9.0 Blue label 2 copies exist   
                                                Conservative Aprox Value $500,000 +

Publisher DC COMICS
Date Issued: 1941/1942


Condition   CGC 9.0 (Restored see label)
Page Quality:    Cream to Off White Pages


This Gorgeous Copy Has Extreme Color Depth !! Check Out The Deep Reds, Yellows and Greens !   


Click Here see A Preview Of The Hot New Wonder Woman Movie








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